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Moose Gear was born out of a genuine passion for children’s clothing. Being a kid has never been more exciting, with the ability to create and capture memories in the blink of an eye. This means that it is more important now than ever that a child’s outfit lives up to these memories. We are committed to making clothing that can perfectly compliment these special moments, offering only the best trendsetting designs as well as the highest quality materials and comfort all in one package. Our clothes help kids start the day off with something special because we know a child’s favorite outfit can make every day a great one.   

Moose Gear is a leading fashion brand for children’s wear in the Philippines. Starting from a single entrepreneur with a sewing machine in a home garage, we have now grown to several corners in prime department stores nationwide. Moose Gear and Moose Girl is worn and trusted by many kids across the country, including most of the biggest child celebrities. We strive to provide all our customers with the best possible experience - from the first step into the store, to the final wear. 

Join the Moose Kids family today!

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